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Funny Kids Stories With Moral Themes

candy and hospital


Obviously, funny kids stories with moral lessons towards the end should elicit laughter on the first instance and after that to inspire deeper considered kids as well as their delightful personalities. You are going to even re-learn the thrill to be a child again and, along the way, obtain a better perspective on love, life and logic. Here are some excellent examples of such funny kids stories.

Kids' Logic

Kids being kids, their logic is decidedly distinct from adults and, thus, might be hilarious to adults. The lesson in these funny kids stories with moral is for adults to always maintain their minds offered to just how kids see and explain the entire world and also the people around them. You will never know when hilarity can ensure from a seemingly simple adult-and-kid interaction.

- During Sunday school, little Sammy asked his teacher this query: "If the people of Israel are classified as Israelites, include the individuals Paris known as Parasites?"

- Little Paul was proven to run in and out of rooms in the home whilst slamming the doors, among other mischief. His mother finally grew exasperated and asked him, "How does one expect to get into heaven?" Paul replied, "Well, I will run inside and outside constantly through heaven while slamming the gates until St. Peter says, 'For God's sake, Paul, just are available in or stay out!'" (His mother was probably saying the same thing to him, a theme most often repeated in several funny kids stories where children are keen on using adults' words against them.)

Kids' Undertake Religion

Yet another theme for funny kids stories with moral lessons is religion. Keep in mind that kids see religion through adults' teachings on the subject and, consequently, their views are simplistic.

- As the preacher's monotonous sermon dragged on to have an hour, little Casey became restless. Finally, she whispered in their own mother's ear however it was loud enough to get heard by those sitting nearby, "Mom, if we give Pastor Robert the cash, is he going to stop talking and let's go?"

- Young Peter told his mother that they planned to be a preacher while he grows up. His mother asked him why and the man answered, "Well, I figured it's preferable to remain true and yell at people than take a seat and stay yelled at."

And that is why all of us love reading funny kids stories with moral lessons for their hilarious endings!

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Post by pigstory484 (2016-07-29 13:13)

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